Fruttisol is an agribusiness that was developed with the purpose of producing fruit pulps meeting the highest quality standards. In mid-2007 we started our project in the city of Jequié, in the southwest of Bahia. Taking advantage of this strategic location, in a transition zone between the Atlantic forest and the caatinga, and close to the great fruit producing centers of the Northeast, we set up our industrial park. Since then many investments in advanced technology have been made and we have today a modern structure of production, storage and distribution.

All Fruttisol fruit pulps are pasteurized and then frozen, without addition of any preservatives. Pasteurization is an efficient thermal process which, using temperatures up to 100 ° C, makes it possible to preserve the quality and integrity of the natural pulps for a much longer time, preserving all the flavor and the nutritive properties of the fruits.

Our automated packaging process ensures that Fruttisol fruit pulps are packaged in hygienic packaging free of any contamination.


Fruttisol has a highly modern structure, with freezing tunnels and cold storage chambers with high storage capacity, keeping its products under ideal conditions of conservation and guaranteeing the supply of quality fruit pulps throughout the year, in the harvest and in the off season.

We have a wide distribution network in Bahia. There are more than 30 trucks on routes scattered throughout the state, serving a very diverse clientele that ranges from microenterprises to large companies. Our products are also distributed throughout the country, and for overseas customers, which is carried out through our accredited partners.


 Est. da Barragem de Pedras, km 5, n 47 –
         km 04, Jequié – BA – Brazil, 45208-440

  +55 73 3525 – 2041

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